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Queen Elephantine is meditative blues of whirlwind ghost ships forced down the hopeless maelstroms of the Nile. Modal psychedelic doom from Hong Kong, currently based in USA.

Current Members:
Indrayudh Shome - Guitar, Vocal
Matt Becker - Bass
Ian Sims - Drums
Derek Fukumori - Percussion
Srinivas Reddy - Guitar/Tanpura

"A meditative space sound, like a solarized wind calmly blowing on an alien planet, or a brace of Tibetan monks on PCP, glued to their prayer mats and ommm-ing themselves to oblivion... There's plenty of galactic bliss... and plenty of underlying dread as well." - Hellride Music, on Surya

"A fuzzy muscle play of distorted dirge and Hindu atmospherics that easily embodies the slow majesty of bands like Earth… but this is a rawer, far heavier brew, buckling the confines of the medium, so over-saturated that it almost struggles for definition. The instruments take on a scary dynamic, like a vibrating cloud of flies, distorted in the heat. It's hard to avoid the magnetic pull of that turbine shackled hertz, or that accompanying tinsel soak from the cymbals, even the words seem to be dragging you through the dusty soil on mystic hooks." - Rottenmeats, on Kailash

"To put this band into some sort of perspective, I would have to put them sort of what Pink Floyd or Hawkwind would be if they went metal while on serious rounds of downers while experimenting with some instruments from India… Forceful yet very melancholy, with this overall bleak feeling that nears the bottom of pure desperation in every word sung... Pretty heavy shit. My first experience with this truly unique band, left me needing and wanting more of the same... 8/10" -Doom Mantia, on Garland of Skulls

"Your brand new Eastern drone gods 4.9/5" -RockSellOut

"Some of the craziest psych this side of Alan Watts!" -Doom Metal Alliance

"This is doom rock at its brooding, soul-stripping best." - Hong Kong Magazine

"Young psychedelic rock masters... It will blow your head off." - Doom-sludge.com

"An absolutely blissful place to get lost in for an hour or three... Like Floyd without the legacy." - HK Underground.. 

"So heavy that I couldn't wear headphones while I was listening caus it would be hard to hold my head up..." - ProgNotFrog 


History, updated June 2013

The group originated as a guitar-bass duo, Indrayudh ("Indy") Shome and Danny Quinn, called The Weapon of the King of Gods, while Shome was playing with his other group, Molten Lava Death Massage. Then they decided to add drums - not one, but two - and changed their name and recorded their self-titled demo album, with a mix of Daniel Murphy, Mike Isley, and Andrew Chu rotating on the two drumsets. (Shome was 16 at the time; Quinn had just turned 17).

The next time they got together was when they recorded the Ramesses suite, which was released as a split with elder. This was done with one drummer, Daniel Murphy, and the trio completely improvised the recording without any preparation or premeditation.

Over the next few months, Mike Isley moved to Hong Kong and was taken as the new drummer. Then, their old friend Alex Buck, moved back to Hong Kong after a stint in the United States, and was the perfect addition to the band, taking on percussion and second drums. This was the four-piece lineup that played several shows and started gaining a reputation. The band then recorded the split album with Sons Of Otis with this lineup. They recorded The Sea Goat for Catacomb Records and finally they recorded the group's first full-length, Surya.

Then all the members graduated from school and moved to North America for university, where Quinn entrusted Shome to continue on the group. Shome found his next partner in Rajkishen Narayanan, his classmate, who did vocals and wrote songs alongside Shome.

Over the next months, they played with a lot of people, including bassist Andrew Jude Riotto from Agnosis for their first few shows, before settling on Chris Dialogue on the drums and Brett Zweiman on bass. This lineup recorded their first composition together, Chariot In Solemn Procession. They also recorded a song "Droning Earth" for the Droning Earth compilation series. They later released these two songs as the EP Yatra. The third recording from the group was a song called Mephistopheles for the 7" split with UK's Aluna, which has was released late in 2009. Another 7" was prepared from sessions in April 2008, featuring the A Side "To Tartarus," but as this too went unreleased, the three tracks were released online.

In early 2010 Fauna Sabbatha/Ruralfaune released 8XI08 Live in Brooklyn, a recording from a November 2008 show at the 'Meat Wallet' that also featured Naam, Weird Owl, and Bad Dream, and a screening of the documentary Such Hawks Such Hounds.

The second album Kailash was recorded in November and December 2008, with Indy Shome, Raj Narayanan, Brett Zweiman, Andrew Jude Riotto, and Chris Dialogue. Kailash was as experimental and varied as Surya was a drone, the concept being an expansion of a single near-death moment in the psyche. The initial issue of the album is a condensed version (60 minutes of the full 71) of the album on cassette tape on Abandon Ship Records in March 2009. The CD was issued in May of 2010 on Concrete Lo Fi Records.

The band encountered several difficulties and mishaps trying to get together their next album. Shome moved to Rhode Island, and so the band worked intermittently. Garland of Skulls was written in 2009 and the first attempt to record it, with Chris Dialogue and Mike Isley on drumsets, failed. Finally a year later the album was recorded with Brett Zweiman on bass, Mike Isley on drums, Indy Shome on guitar, and Shome and Raj Narayanan on vocals. The guitar and drums were tracked live in Los Angeles whle the bass and vocals were recorded in New York some months later. The record, at only 35 minutes shorter than some of the band's EPs, pulls Queen Elephantine back into rock instrumentation. The touring lineup of Shome on guitar, Zweiman on bass, and Samer Ghadry on drums performed the album at thirteen shows in the Fall of 2011.

The fourth album, Scarab, was released in June 2013 on Tel Aviv's Heart & Crossbone Records (CD) and Athens' Cosmic Eye Records (LP). The album was recorded in May 2012 and features Shome on guitar, Mat Becker on bass, Ian Sims and Nate Totushek on drumsets, Brett Zweiman on slide guitar/divine mosquito, and Srinivas Reddy on tanpura/swarm.


Full member list:

-Indrayudh Shome - on all except "Omen"
-Derek Fukumori - Percussion (Fall 2013)
-Matt Becker - Bass (2012-present, Scarab)
-Ian Sims - Drums (2012-present, Scarab)
-Nate Totushek - Drums (2012-present, Scarab)
-Rajkishen Narayanan - Vocals and various instruments (Yatra, To Tartarus, Split with Alunah, Kailash, Garland of Skulls)
-Samer Ghadry - Drums (2011-2012)
-Chris Dialogue - Drums (Yatra, To Tartarus, Split with Alunah, Kailash), Noise (Kailash, Tr 2 Garland of Skulls)
-Andrew Jude Riotto - Bass (Kailash, 2007-2008)
-Faraz Usmani - Bass (Spring 2008)
-Srinivas Reddy - Tanpura (Garland of Skulls, Scarab)
-Oliver Ignatius - Vocals, Guitar (Kailash - on "Godblood")
-Brett Zweiman - Bass (Yatra, Split with Alunah, Garland of Skulls), Percussion (To Tartarus 7", Kailash), Guitar ("Omen", Kailash), Divine Mosquito (Scarab)
-Kyle Banick - Guitar (Surya - on "Queen Elephantine")
-Arthur Uriquola - Guitar (Live, several times)
-Kabir Hingorani - Guitar (Fall 2006, wrote "Kabir")
-J. Alexander Buck - Percussion/Drums (Split with Sons of Otis, Surya, "Sea Goat")
-Michael Scott Isley - Drums (Queen Elephantine, Split with Sons of Otis, Surya, "Sea Goat", Garland of Skulls)
-Andrew Chu - Drums (Queen Elephantine)
-Daniel Murphy - Drums (Queen Elephantine, Split with Elder)
-Daniel Quinn - Bass, Founding member (Queen Elephantine, Split with Elder, Split with Sons of Otis, Surya, "Sea Goat")


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