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1. Potency (10:28)
2. Libation (9:50)
3. Garland of Skulls (14:45)

Total approx. runtime: 35 Minutes

Indrayudh Shome - Guitar/vocals
Mike Isley - Drums
Brett Zweiman - Bass
Rajkishen Narayanan - Vocals
Srinivas Reddy - Tanpura
Chris Dialogue - Additional noise on Tr 2
Danny Quinn - Medicine man

Recorded by
Trent Ramseyer at B@1 Studio
in Brea CA in July 2010
and B. Zweiman and Robin Hood
at Funkadelic Studios
in New York NY in Jan 2011

Mixed by I. Shome
Mastered by Billy Anderson

Artwork by Sean Schock

Any questions or for general correspondance, please email to clfrecords at gmail.com

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Press Release/One Sheeter: PDF
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Queen Elephantine, modal psychedelic doom, presents their third album: a long song in three parts, Garland of Skulls—kapālamālā. They have also released several EPs, including splits with Sons of Otis and Elder. Formed in Hong Kong in 2006 and migrated to USA, the band is currently based between NYC and RI. Looking for release, live, and press opportunities.

"With low strung guitars and almost slow motion music – it has a force and strength all its own. As artistic as it is Heavy, this band commands that it gets and needs to have respect. To put this band into some sort of perspective, I would have to put them sort of what Pink Floyd or Hawkwind would be if they went metal while on serious rounds of downers while experimenting with some instruments from India.

All three tracks… are forceful yet very melancholy, with this overall bleak feeling that nears the bottom of pure desperation in every word sung. It is so spacey, yet it pulls you in to its dank vortex and leaves you suspended in a void of sheer blackness – yet leads you to a light... Pretty heavy shit.

My first experience with this truly unique band, left me needing and wanting more of the same... 8/10"

—Daryl Adolph, Doom Mantia




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